I stumbled into branding photography when a friend needed some photos for her website and social media content for her coaching business, I loved the creative process so much that I haven’t stopped!

Personal Branding Photography is amazing for professionals, entrepreneurs, and small businesses that need help building their brands. These photo sessions are unique and are created to incorporate your brand identity, through your colours, props, style, and personality. These photos are a reflection of you and your business, helping you connect with your ideal client.

Julie Doan, Personal Branding Photography by Maryam Southam Photography
Julie Doan, holding flowers close to her face.

Personal Branding sessions don’t end with just taking your headshot.  These are lifestyle shots that involve capturing your brand vibe, team, process, products, and services. Especially with the advent of social media, the need for photographs has evolved beyond headshots and into personal branding photography for small business owners.

I would love to share more on how we can work together to develop beautiful imagery that will captivate your clients. Connect with me and share your business and vision and let’s get to work!

Photos of Julie Doan, Health/Life Coach by Maryam Southam Photography. To learn more about Julie Doan and her incredible work as a Health and Life Coach visit juliedoanhealth.com