At home photo session with mother and her son. Her son is hugging her from behind and looking at the camera, while the mother holds on to his hands and looks away.

At-home sessions are some of my favorite sessions to shoot because shooting at your home where you are comfortable and most relaxed can make for such intimate and special photos. Here are a few tips to help you prepare for your sessions.

1.    DE-CLUTTER – Your home does NOT have to be perfect. I promise. It’s your home and it’s supposed to look lived in. You can focus on de-cluttering your home where we will be shooting in.  This means just tidying up a bit and basically putting stuff in the room where it belongs and tossing the rest in a closet until I leave.

2.    LET THERE BE LIGHT – Let the natural light pour through the windows! I follow the light and would like to shoot in the rooms in your home that provide this.  So please have the curtains wide open and the shades up to let in natural light. Go ahead and turn OFF all the lights and lamps in these rooms as well. It might seem dark, but my camera can do magical things that the lights will ruin later on!

3.    HAVE YOUR OUTFITS READY AND BACKUPS For my editing style, think, white, grey, black, and neutral colours. If you’re comfortable wearing a flowy sundress (even in winter), awesome… bonus points to you because they photograph the best! Make sure outfits are ready for the whole family. If you have younger kids, have a backup in case of any spills or accidents. In terms of footwear, wear what you are comfortable in, I always suggest being barefoot and if you wear socks, try to have them match.

4.    GET EVERYONE FED AND HAPPY BEFORE I ARRIVE – I like to suggest that everyone has a snack so everyone is fed and starving during our 1-hour session.  I don’t suggest eating a huge meal just before, as you may feel uncomfortable and that may be seen in the photos.  Plus we don’t want you to spill anything on your lovely clean outfit.

5.  HAVE DOGGIE TREATS AVAILABLE –  Treats are always handy for your favorite fur babies, it never hurts.  Wipe their eyes from any gunk and if they have a fave bandana, it can add some personality.

My goal is that you look back at these family moments 20 years from now with the fondest memories, reminiscing of your childhood and parenthood in your home sweet home.