Welcoming a baby home with a newborn session is the most magical way to connect and remember all the sweet little fleeting moments. Newborn sessions allow families to capture this special time, in the first few days or weeks of their baby’s life. These moments are precious and can be cherished for years to come.

It is a way to celebrate the arrival of a new life. It’s a beautiful time to focus the mircle of life and on the  and exciting changes happening in a family’s world.  It’s an opportunity for the family to come together and bond over the firstborn, first grandchild, or a new sibling, to a growing family. It’s a time for parents to reflect on their journey and bond with their babies and embrace motherhood, and parenthood.

I absolutlly adore these newborn home session.  I like to work with families, taking our time in the comfort of your space to capture your home as it is when you bring your baby home. I like to snap up the nursery, the crib, the rocking chair, baby blankets, and the first dodos.  The session is relaxed and slow taking all the time to nurse and do nappy changes. These sessions are the least bit stressful, I help guide the session along and leave ensuring I have the most adorned momentos.  These images captured during a newborn session can be printed into beautiful keepsakes, such as photo albums, canvas prints, framed prints, and even little Christmas ornaments, which are available in my Print Shop. These keepsakes can be passed down through generations and serve as a reminder of the special time in your family’s life.

I would love to capture your first moments with your newborn, please inquire about any questions you may have and reserve your time.

XO Maryam